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Catching the wave of social sustainability – part 3
Boosting safety – Influencing managers to manage safely

With our Catch the Wave campaign in full flow, we continue to explore the links between good OSH and effective social sustainability. Our first webinars looked at the fundamentals of good OSH. Now our third webinar in the series asks, why has safety stalled?

The Covid-19 pandemic presented – or rather imposed – an opportunity for the occupational safety and health profession. A heightened public awareness of health and safety issues meant a more accepting environment in which health and safety could be discussed.

A realisation grew that occupational safety and health professionals had a very specific and valuable role to play in keeping (or making) businesses safe to work in – or in helping organisations to shift to accommodate working from home safely.

Having glimpsed some of the limelight, how can the OSH profession now take advantage of this openness to health and safety. How can it ensure that the small gains achieved under such awful circumstances are not lost? For this to happen, health and safety has to be viewed as a legitimate business concern.

OSH professionals know this already – but they usually do not run businesses. Managers and business owners, however, do. So the task of OSH professionals is not just to excel in their technical expertise, but to influence supervisors and senior leaders to incorporate OSH long-term into business thinking and planning as a core discipline and strategic objective.

Hosted by Louise Hosking, IOSH President, she will be joined by April Lu of Lai Yi Converse; James Wyse of Wyse Sustainability; and Craig Foyle of Foyle Safety & Management, as they consider the OSH professional’s pivotal role in explaining the criticality of good OSH to socially sustainable business practice and in persuading and convincing businesses to follow this approach.

Join us and continue to Catch the Wave with IOSH.

For further details of the campaign, visit www.iosh.com/catchthewave

Jan 27, 2022 01:00 PM in London

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